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10 Ways Your House Is Making You Sick

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Harmful substances and toxic chemicals could be hiding all over your house. Here's how to protect your family and of course yourself.

#1 You’re addicted to air fresheners

10 Ways Your House Is Making You Sick you're addicted to air fresheners

Are you obsessed about air fresheners? Then you could be exposing yourself to toxic chemicals. These scented sprays, plugin fresheners, oil diffusors, scented candles and all have a chemical called phthalates that can disrupt our endocrine system. This chemical can mess up with out natural hormones leading to health issues later on. So next time you want to freshen up your home, just buying flowers, using natural essential oils, or just by opening the windows will do the trick.


#2 You have toxic dust

how to tell if your house is toxic your house has a toxic dust

The dust that builds up in the corners of your house or on top of your furniture not only causes a sneezing fit but it can be toxic as well. Researchers discoverd 45 potentially toxic chemicals in the dust. Two of which that are predominant are TDCIPP, found in furniture which can cause cancer, and phthalates, that can mess up with out natural hormones. Minimize dust by wiping down surfaces and vacuuming frequently.

#3 You spray down your shower with bleach

10 Ways Your House Is Making You Sick spray down your shower with bleach

Bleach leaves your bathroom tiles clean, but when it comes to mold it can actually make it worse. It's a strong agent that it eats away the grout over time; it then makes tiny holes in the grout providing room for the mold to grow. If you want to get rid of mold, try using a mix of water and hydrogen peroxide. It also helps if you wipe away excess water after showering.


#4 You have wall-to-wall carpeting

10 Ways Your House Is Making You Sick you have wall to wall carpeting

Carpets can be a home to all kinds of contaminants -- dust, pet dander, dirt, you name it can build up into the cushioning and cause you allergic reactions. It's bad especially of you have kids, they can get it all over themselves when crawling. To avoid this, you need to vacuum and wash carpets regularly.


 #5 All your cookware is non-stick

10 Ways Your House Is Making You Sick your cookware is non stick

Research showed that the chemicals used in non-stick cookware have bad effects to your health. It's released during a period of high-heat cooking and can cause flu-like symptoms. Your safer option is to opt for cast iron or stainless steel cookware.


#6 Your kitchen is filled with plastic

10 Ways Your House Is Making You Sick you have lots of plastic storage

Plastic containers have this harmful BPA chemical, which can potentially cause cancer and diabetes. This leach into your food when you reheat your food and put them into a plastic container while your food is still hot. Nowadays, there are many plastic containers that are promoted as BPA-free but don't get fooled. Manufacturers are just replacing that chemical with another similar chemical that has the same effects. To be safe, opt for stainless steel bottles and glass storage containers.

#7 You burn incense to relax

10 Ways Your House Is Making You Sick burning of incense

We burn incense for relaxation, but what you don't know is it's bad for your respiratory system. Burning incense sends a lot of particulate matter into the air which can settle in your respiratory tract. On top of that, it also contains chemicals that can irritate your skin.


#8 Your pantry is packed with canned food

10 Ways Your House Is Making You Sick your pantry is packed with canned food

Canned foods are cheap and ready to eat foods but they come with toxins. On top of processed meat being bad for your health, their cans also come with BPA.  

#9 Your laundry room smells good

10 Ways Your House Is Making You Sick your used fabric conditioner

If you always use fabric softeners or scented detergents to make your clothes smell good then you're exposing yourself to toxins. Like the air fresheners, these scented detergents and softeners contain phthalates which may eventually harm you. To be safe, opt for unscented products.


#10 You don’t have houseplants

10 Ways Your House Is Making You Sick you don't have house plants

Houseplants not only brighten your home but when cared for, it also helps detoxify indoor pollution. Greenery plants like Bamboo palm, Gerbera Daisy, English Ivy are among the most effective in detoxifying your house. 

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