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11 Healing Foods You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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Are you aware that pumpkins are consumed regularly by Chrohn’s sufferer? Or that flaxseeds can relieve you of hot flashes? Read on to find out more healing foods for you may it be wound healing foods, foods to fight infections and more! Some may surprise you.

#1 Wound Healing Food - Pork

Pork has energy boosting components and it’s one of the most popular wound healing foods. It’s the main source of thiamine which helps convert carbohydrates into energy not just for the body but for the brain as well...AND..the zinc found in pork meat helps build protein and heal wounds. Pork aside from chicken is among the popular forms of meat that are really important muscle and nervous system functions.

#2 Rheumatoid arthritis - Papayas

Papaya has more than two times the recommended dose of vitamin C, and a study conducted to more than 20,000 people showed that those who consumed the lowest vitamin c has greater risks of developing rheumatoid arthritis. 

High blood pressure - Asparagus 

Asparagus is a tasty vegetable packed with lots of healing components. It has natural diuretic asparagine, that can rid you of excess salt and fluid...AND...this is especially helpful for people who suffer from edema, a condition brought about by high blood pressure. What’s more? Asparagus is rich in Vitamin B which helps to fight depression and cognitive decline. However a tip - if you have gout, please don’t consume much of it at it can trigger painful attacks.


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#4 Any kinds of infections - Tea

Did you know? Tea has this component called L-theanine which increases your immunity cells (the cells responsible for building your line of defense against infections) fifty times more! However a tip - tea can cut down your iron absorption by 80% when you pair it with an iron-rich meal. It helps if you add in lemon to it and you drink tea in between meals; this will minimize its effect on iron absorption. 

#5 Dental health - Cheese 

Cheese has a component called casein, a natural tooth protector. Due to this, eating cheese can be good for your dental health as it can act as your teeth’s natural barrier against bacteria. However a tip - cheese triggers migraines in some people, especially the aged cheeses. Examples of these are Camembert and blue cheese.

#6 Limes and Lemons - 
Kidney stones

Lemons or limes can help prevent kidney stones. They reduce the excretion of calcium in urine reducing your risk of forming kidney stones. Lemon rind also has component called rutin that strengthens walls of your veins, reducing your severity of varicose veins.

#7 Lung cancer - Onions

A research done by the National Cancer Institute reported that higher intake of flavonoids helps fight cancer. These flavonoids can be mainly found in onions. Other than this, onions can help boost good cholesterol.

#8 Depression - Bananas

Suffering from depression? Eating bananas can help you rid of it. You know one banana has 30% of vitamin B6, which helps the brain produce the happy hormones called serotonin. Other than that, it gives you tryptophan also, which fights depression. However, a tip - bananas isn’t good for people who are sensitive to latex.

#9 Diverticulitis - Bran

If you have a high-fiber diet, adding bran would be best. It helps fight an intestinal disorder called diverticulitis. However, a tip - you should not consume much of it as bran can inhibit your body’s absorption of important minerals like zinc, iron, calcium and others.

#10 Better brain - Beets

Beets increase your blood flow throughout your brain and body, which helps fight dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. However a tip, beets if consume much of it, can form crystals and can increase your chance of forming kidney stones.

#11 Healthy bones - Mustard

Eating mustard can help you build strong teeth and bones. Other than that, mustard has a couple of healing components as well. It contains magnesium that reduces blood pressure, sugar and inflammation. It also has selenium, which can help prevent heart disease and cancer.

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