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12 Camping Food Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

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So you love the outdoors? Mountains, camping and stuff? Here’s some of the best camping food hacks for you! These will make cooking outdoors more convenient for you and what’s more! all the foods are gonna be as good as when you’re cooking them at home. 

#1 Scramble Them Eggs Ahead

We all know it’s tricky to bring eggs anywhere especially outdoors or in campsites. Please do yourself a favor and pre-scramble the eggs...and while you’re at it, you can even add pepper, salt and other seasonings ahead. You can then store the pre-scrambled eggs in a resealable plastic bottle or any small containers. With this, you will avoid all the hassle..and cooking the eggs won’t be messy for you. You just need to put your bottle of pre-scrambled eggs out when you want to cook them and that’s it.

#2 Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Fluffy, sweet, toasty, and warm! This is what these cinnamon rolls are all about. All you need are skewers and a packs of cinnamon rolls. Spear the cinnamon rolls, roast them over a campfire and tada -- cinnamon buns! Super easy and cooking will take you 30 minutes only. Plus without all the mess. 

#3 Omelet in a Ziplock Bag


Put your pre-scrambled egg in a ziplock, add cheese then poach until egg sets. That's how easy it is. You only need a pan or your camping cookset to do this.

#4 Morning Coffee


Can't live without it? You can pour your coffee beans in a filter and tie them with dental floss.  Once you made something like small bags of coffee, throw them into boiling water, and tada! your coffee is ready.

#5 Delectable Fire Muffins On Orange Peels

Love eating oranges? don't throw the orange peels can still use them! They can serve as baking pans if you want to have pancakes or muffins during your camping trips. One tip - make your batter at home as you usually would and store it in a clean plastic bag. Then, when trying to cook pancakes or muffins during camping, all you have to do is cut a hole in a corner of that plastic bag, and pipe your batter right into your orange peels. This orange muffins won't take long to cook over a campfire. And one more thing, you need a tin foil and then you're all set.

#6 Dessert In Banana Peels or Cones

If you want some sort of desserts during your camping trips, it's pretty easy! You just need to bring with you  some chocolates, peanut butter, nuts, marshmallows, and other goodness you want. Then you need some cones, or even banana peels. You just put all the goodness inside a cone or banana peel then you wrapped the peel or cone in tin foil, and grill it for few minutes over a campfire. Then viola! Some delight s-more-like magic happens.

#7 Citrus Candle

You can use orange to make a scented candle. Cut the orange in half, eat the middle portion while leaving the inner stem intact. You use the stem as a wick - fill the orange with cooking oil just below the top of the stem (olive oil or any other oil for that matter), light up the stem then you're done you now have a scented citrus candle. Just like that!

#8 Never Go On Trip Without Spices

Okay, one smart thing to do to pack up spices before you go on you camping trips is to find a pill organizer or tic toc containers. Store your spices there!

#9 Marshmallows with Bailey's

Have some of you extra marshmallows and roast them over the campfire. After roasting, dip them in Bailey's. Doing that will spice things up even more and will definitely add flavor to the supposed to be plain roasted marshmallows.

#10 French Toast Over A Campfire

Yup, you can make one too outdoors. Mix eggs, salt, milk, vanilla, sugar! Then get a loaf of bread put it over a tin foil. Pour the mixture into the bread and finally wrap it in tin foil. Grill it over campfire for 40 minutes. Once done, sprinkle in powdered sugar, top it with sliced strawberries and then pour in a bit of maple syrup. Voila! you're done!

#11 Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are almost always present when it comes to camping! You can cook it the same way with campfire cinnamon rolls; the only difference is you've got hot dog in the middle. 

#12 Swedish torch method.

For your campfire, you can try the Swedish torch method. It's a multipurpose campfire - allowing you to light your campsite, to stay warm, and to cook without any extra pot supports. The Swedish method is the set-it-and-forget-it type of campfire, making  it a good choice plus it looks cool.

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