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13 Best of The Best Low Carb Food Swaps, That Don't Suck

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Among the most challenging aspects of sticking to a low carb diet is staying away as much as possible from foods you usually love so much--many of which may have been a part of your regular diet before...BUT the good news is, there are perfect low carb food swaps out there. What’s more, these low carb food swaps ONLY CUTS THE CARB, NOT the flavour!
Trade in your favorite carbo-loaded foods for these healthier alternatives. 

#1 Carrot Fries as Substitute for French Fries

Love french fries? You have a better option! It’s a low carb roasted carrot fries. It tastes like your typical french fries but is healthier for a couple of reasons:  It’s not fried, it’s roasted BUT it tastes like fried! Fried-free, guilt-free and low carb ‘french fries’ for you. It’s a genius way of still having healthy veggies when you have that french fries craving.

#2 Quinoa as Substitute for Rice

Quinoa is a nutty seed that is similar to a rice grain. It has lower carbohydrates about 15% lower compared to rice and got around 60% more protein than brown rice. So if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s a better choice for you. It got more fibre too around 25% higher, that can help lower blood cholesterol. Try it as a side dish or swap your carbo-loaded fried rice for a lighter quinoa option.

#3 Cheese Crisps as Substitute for Crackers

If you love crackers, we have a healthier swap for you! Say goodbye to ordinary nutrient-void crackers because I’m introducing you to Cheese crisps. This is a super easy to prepare snack if you wanna follow a low-carb diet. This tastes like crackers and I would say, it has an a more savory flavor.

#4 Portobello Mushrooms as Substitute for Burger Buns

I think you might not believe it BUT you can have a burger minus the bun. Yup! It’s time for you to replace carbo-loaded white bread with portobellos -- a form of mushroom. By doing it, you’re not only cutting out carbs -- you’re cutting out your sugar intake too which is high in white bread buns. The portobello mushrooms has meaty texture that perfectly complements your burger.

#5 Spaghetti Squash as Substitute for Pasta

Heard about spaghetti squash? If not, you’re missing out a lot! It’s a really good substitute for pasta that even the most serious pasta lovers can’t resist this low carb food. It has around 31 calories and has only 7 grams of carbs per cup. What’s more? It’s easy to prepapre. You can just roast your squash, then with a fork,  rake out the strings. Top it with parmesan cheese, or add in olive oil and then tada! Your low carb pasta is ready.

#6 Kale Leaves for Tortillas 

Do you love tacos? There is a way for you to make it a low carb snack. The trick is to swap tortillas for kale leaves and use it instead for wrapping your ingredients. Kale leaves are sturdy enough to hold the filling and by using it as wrapper you won’t be sacrificing the taste of the dish.                                   

#7 Eggplant as Substitute for Lasagna Noodles

When you're on the low-carb diet program, having the same meal can get pretty boring. Try out something new to spice up your meal plan with lasagna made out of eggplant. Using eggplant instead of the typical lasagna noodles with cut out all the carbs, and there’s not much difference in the texture you can still enjoy that typical lasagna flavor. 

#8 Stevia as Substitute for Sugar

When cutting carbohydrates, most of us imagine limiting potatoes and bread, but sugar is a furtive carb that makes its way into most of our foods. Keep the sweetness while giving up carbohydrates when you make the switch to the stevia of plant-based sweetener.

#9 Cauliflower as Substitute for Mashed Potatoes


Whether it's a traditional festive meal or a cold night, mashed potatoes is the best comfort meal, but I would say cauliflower is a much better comfort meal. It’s not only healthy with lower carbs but it tastes better. Steamed crushed cauliflower with a little salt and butter will fool even the most passionate mashed potato lovers!

#10 Lettuce Wraps as Substitute for Sandwich Bread

If you've been missing your usual turkey sandwich at lunch every day, try to use a healthier lettuce wrap instead of white bread for your sandwich. This still provides a satisfactory crunch while helping you to cut back on carbohydrates.

#11 Pork Rinds for Bread Crumbs


Here is a carbohydrate swap that you have probably never tried; Pork rinds for bread crumbs! They have the perfect texture and can add much more flavor than bread crumbs. Try them in your favorite meat pie recipe or mix them in these turkey meatballs and spinach for a little more taste.

#12 Almond Flour as Substitute for White Flour

Regarding your favorite dessert, it can be difficult to find a low-carb alternative. Brownies with black beans sound good in theory, but never live up to reality. Almond flour to the rescue! Its fine texture and nutty taste are perfect for all desserts.

#13 Banana Egg Pancakes as Substitute for Pancakes

Reducing your carbohydrates intake does not mean that you should miss the pancakes on Saturday morning with your family. Mix a mashed banana with 2 eggs, add a pinch of cinnamon to get the easiest and lowest carb breakfast recipe ever.

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