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8 Healthy Fast Meal Hacks to Steal From Nutrition Experts

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We've asked leading nutrition experts about some healthy and timesaving tips for preparing nutritious meals. For those of you who love shortcuts like me, here's some of the BEST:


Cooking hack Heat Hack Rice cooker isn't just for cooking rice
  • Rice cooker isn't just for cooking rice. steel-cut oatmeal usually can take 40 minutes. NOW THE HACK - use your rice cooker's porridge setting, add oats and water according to directions found on its package. Do this at night, and you'll wake up to a perfect steel-cut oats in the morning. Other than that, rice cookers can also cook or steam vegetables or even pork or chicken - you just need to add aromatics and broth.
  • Have extra food servings. Repurpose any extra food servings you have. The salmon grill you had tonight, can be tomorrow's salmon salad for lunch. 



 Meal prep hack FREEZER HACKS - Smoothie packs.
  • Smoothie packs. Smoothie packs can help you save time at breakfast. Fill quart-size bags with a cup of leafy greens, a cup of frozen fruit, a tablespoon of flax seeds, and two tablespoons of nuts. Can also freeze plain Greek yogurt cubes in the plastic bag. Put the smoothie packs in the freezer, and pull one out when you wanna make a quick smoothie.

  • Get your greens ready. Blend three cups of tightly packed spinach or kale with one-half cup water and then pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it. When needed, you can simply drop the spinach cubes into smoothies, omelets, pasta sauces, stir fries. You can use it as broth too.



    healthy meal hack FRIDGE HACKS Store prewashed veggies
    • Store prewashed veggies. Always keep a bag of prewashed spinach in the fridge to add to breakfast wraps or muffin-tin omelets. For lunch, spinach makes a perfect bed for any protein like tuna or salmon salad—or it works as a nutrient-rich sandwich topper. And, it sautés in about a minute for a perfect add-in to any pasta dish or to bulk up a microwavable frozen entree.
    • Store extra veggies in the fridge. Chop and sauté a large batch of onions, peppers, mushrooms, and fresh spinach. Refrigerate it, and use it in a pasta sauce, on a pizza, in an omelet—or in couscous, quinoa, or other healthy grains. You’ll have a jumpstart on dinner.

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