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8 Ways To Cook Everything FAST Especially If You're A Busy Mom

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Are you tired of being in the kitchen for long hours, trying to cook up something delicious for your family? It’s been hours and hours but your dish hasn’t been ready yet; you’re trying to find the adequate ingredients and your way around the kitchen but nothing makes sense and instead of things getting done faster, they’re taking to longest time ever. 

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom, the cooking part gets you worked up because of the limited time you have on your hands to get things done. Either your children have you occupied or your work, there’s no middle ground. In the US, it’s known that mothers usually cook family meals themselves rather than dining out every day. So, if you’re the average mother who likes to cook their family food, then this is for you. Planning is everything when it comes to reducing the time you take in the kitchen. The better the planning you have, the more prepared you are to cook faster, with ease. Let’s look at how you can include planning and organizing into your everyday routine when it comes to cooking.

#1 Plan For The Week & Prep Ingredients For Several Meals At One Go

One of the basic tricks to cooking fast is to get the ingredients all prepped up way before time. You should set a day, preferably Sunday for grocery shopping. Make a list of all the things you want to cook in the coming week and head out to the store. Buy all things for the week and make sure to not just buy for yourself but also for uninvited guests. When you have uninvited guests, then that is the time when your fast cooking skills come into play the most. You don’t want to feel like you don’t have anything to serve if you have guests over. Once you have bought all the required things, try to prepare them for respective meals and store them in the fridge in an appropriate manner. No matter how fast your speed is, if you don’t have the required ingredients all prepped up beforehand then you will never be able to cook as fast.

#2 Turn Leftovers Into A New Meal

Using leftovers to create an entirely new dish isn’t something new. However people don’t tend to do this as often as they should. You can find hundreds of different recipes online that can help you turn your leftovers in to completely new meals. It can help to give the leftovers a more delicious taste and an even more presentable look. Having guests over? And you can’t think of what to cook? Well, there is nothing to worry about, just get the leftovers out and turn them into something more scrumptious. You never know you might be able to prepare something even more delicious than the original meal.

I had seafood leftovers before and instead of throwing it away, I turned them into a new meal. Here's some of the recipes you can try at home. In this case, I had shrimp.

Crispy Shrimp Heads & Shrimp Butter Sauce. So instead of throwing the leftover shrimp heads, I made this what I call as my masterpiece, served this as an appetizer and my husband loved it! Shrimp heads are safe to eat fyi.


Shrimp Bisque. This recipe is a good way of putting those leftover shells to use and trust me it tastes really good! This soup has delicious, bold flavor.

#3 Clean As You Go

Many people tend to have dishwashers while others still resort to more traditional and manual cleaning ways. Whatever your preferred method, make sure to clean as you go. Keeping the dishes dirty will only make the cooking process lengthier for the next time you head to the kitchen. It is the same as preparing your ingredient beforehand. You need to make the dishes and utensils ready for the cooking process. Cleaning the dishes right before you set up your dinner table will make the entire process longer however if you the dishes were cleaned after the last meal then you wouldn’t have to spend time on cleaning them for the dinner. This will save you a lot of time and will help you enjoy an amazing eating experience.

#4 Cook Food In Shallow Pans

Shallow pans distribute the heat evenly and effectively throughout the area. This is why they are considered better options to cook food as compared to saucepans. If you are looking to cook something in small amount of time then shallow pans are your best option. The evenly distributed heat ensures that all food in the pan is cooked completely and efficiently. This will also make sure that all the proteins from the food are well maintained. Personally, I used one shallow pan, the Gotham Pan, I would recommend it -- read more about my experience with this pan here -- BUT of course you can have any shallow pan you want. And speaking of shallow pans, one of the cooking methods that will help you to cook fast is Stir Frying.. this is a fresh and fast way to cook. This method goes well with shallow pans. Just simply toss bite-sized food in a little oil over high heat and in a few minutes your work is done. Check out the best Stir Fry Cooking tips, According to A Stiry Fry Guru! 

#5 Have The Right Items & Appliances

We are living in an era where our lives are heavily dependent on technology. These days, you can find hundreds of different kitchen items and appliances that can help you cook faster. From a small thing like a potato cutter to a large deep fryer, all these kitchen items and appliances help boost the pace of the cooking process. You don’t have to use a knife to cut vegetables for salad, just get a vegetable cutter and it will reduce your cooking time by several minutes.

#6 Cut Food Into Smaller Pieces

Cooking fast doesn’t get any simpler than this. If you want to cook fast, just cut the food to smaller pieces. Yes, there are certain dishes, where you might have to cook relatively larger pieces of the ingredients however if there is an option for using smaller pieces go for it. Smaller pieces tend to cook faster and more effectively. You don’t have to worry about them being undercooked as well because smaller pieces will always turn out good if they are cooked for the right amount of time.

#7 Prepare large batches of food to have leftovers for later 

It's good if you can make a large batch of a recipe that will include some leftovers. This could help you to meal prep for later on in the week. Dividing out portions of a meal and making sure that you don’t have to cook all the time can save you time. On the other hand, be mindful of what leftovers you intend to store for a longer time because some if stored longer could do you more harm than good. Read Leftover Foods That Can Make You Sick. 

#8 Check for 30 minute meals or Quick and easy recipes

Once you start to find some efficiency with your time saving cooking tips,  checking out some 30 minute meals or quick recipes online can be a great way to find recipes that will not take a lot of time to prepare.

As a fellow busy mom, I also prefer meals that are easy and won't take me a long time to prepare. Here's some of the recipes that I would recommend you, for breakfast, lunch or dinner? You decide! And if you're into asian foods, you're going to love it more.

Smooth Chinese Steamed Eggs: This recipe requires less ingredients yet it delivers a delicate look and flavour. Took me about less than 12 minutes to prepare this.


20-Minute Chicken Pho: If you love chicken noodle soup, this is perfect for you! It is a fragrant soup cooked in a delicious broth and topped by a lot of fresh herbs. This is going to warm you up!


Kimchi, Chicken Soup, Pork Adobo, Fried Noodles, & Spring Rolls: These are all hearty meals that have their unique flavours. What's more! They are easy to prepare, and you can definitely cook these in large batches to have leftovers to save for later

Workings and stay at home moms have a lot of things on their plate. From kids to the spouse, to taking care of the entire home. One thing that you can try to do is reduce the time it takes to cook. Cook healthier meals for your children in lesser time. Learn how to plan everything to be able to effectively use these simple and easy techniques in your everyday life! What do you think of these tips? Please comment down below. Share this to someone who you think needs to read this. 

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