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9 Foods You Should NEVER EVER Reheat in a Microwave

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Certain foods can be really toxic when put in the microwave. Here's what you need to know!

reheating food guidelines

We became so dependent on the microwave that almost all foods we want to reheat we would put them in the microwave..BUT did you know?..Microwave doesn't cook food evenly, meaning any bacteria that are already present in the reheated foods may survive. Plus microwave blasts are also contributing to the production of carcinogenic toxins. Now to minimize the risks, here's 10 foods you shouldn't reheat in the microwave.

#1 Breast milk

9 Foods You Should NEVER EVER Reheat in a Microwave breastmilk

It's good to store breastmilk in the fridge for later use, as long as it's NOT reheated in the microwave. The same way microwaves unevenly heats foods, they can also warm a bottle of breastmilk unevenly, creating what you call as "hot spots" that can burn a baby's throat or mouth. Plus there's also the  carcinogen hazard that comes when you reheat plastic.

#2 Hard-boiled eggs

reheating eggs toxic

When a hard-boiled egg is put in a microwave, like a miniature pressure cooker,  it has the tendency to explode. This is because of the extreme steam build up that is formed by the moisture inside the egg. What's even more scarier is that the egg doesn't explode inside the microwave, instead it may explode on your plate, in your mouth, or in your hand. So better, avoid putting eggs in the microwave.

 #3 Processed meat

foods not to reheat in microwave processed meat

We all know processed meats are bad for our health as it contains preservatives and chemicals. Unfortunately putting them in the microwave can make those substances even worse for your health. Research shows that by reheating processed foods you might be exposing yourself to chemical changes such as oxidized cholesterol in the process. The products of this chemical change have been linked to the development of coronary heart disease.  

#4 Chicken 

reheating food causes cancer chicken meat

Microwave heat doesn't kill bacteria, why? because it heats from outside in as opposed to doing the opposite. As such, it's a really bad idea to reheat meat like chicken; you could be exposing yourself to surviving bacteria like salmonella. One study found out that out of the 30 people who reheated meat, 10 of them who used microwave became ill, and the rest of the 20 who reheated the meat through skillet were fine. 

#5 Rice

9 Foods You Should NEVER EVER Reheat in a Microwave rice

One shocking food that you shouldn't reheat in the microwave is rice! Why? This could lead to poisoning. Rice has this bacteria called Bacillus cereus; heat can kill this bacteria BUT as soon as this bacteria is exposed to heat it produces spores that are toxic and harmful to you. 

#6 Leafy greens

reheating food guidelines leafy greens

It's also a big NO to reheat vegetables in the microwave! Why? When they are put into the microwave, the naturally occurring nitrates that are supposed to be good for you are turned into nitrosamines which are carcinogenic. 

#7 Hot peppers

9 Foods You Should NEVER EVER Reheat in a Microwave hot peppers

Hot peppers have that natural chemical that makes them spicy, it's called capsaicin. Now when peppers are put into microwave, this chemical is released into the air. When released, this could burn your throat and eyes. Some reported they started coughing and they had trouble breathing when they inhaled this

#8 Fruit

foods not to reheat grapefruit

 Microwaved grapes can make plasma, a form of matter that lets electricity flow. One study showed two pieces of grape that's been put into microwave and it created enough plasma that can melt a hole through a plastic container. This is the reason why fruits should not be microwaved since they trap steam and could burst while heating.

#9 Cooked Potatoes

9 Foods You Should NEVER EVER Reheat in a Microwave potatoes

Reheating cooked potatoes is also a big NO too. Potatoes have this bacteria known as C. botulinum, that can still thrive even after you microwave the potatoes, and it can cause a rare and potentially fatal illness called botulism.

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