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9 Germ-Spreading Habits You Should Stop Doing Right Now

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Are you doing at least some of these everyday? Here's some reasons why you shouldn't.

#1 Chewing on pens

preventing germs in the classroom stop chewing on pens

This is one of the things we usually do when we're thinking of something and this is the easiest way of spreading germs. Do you know where it has been? Who used it? No right? and even if you own the pen, your-not-so clean-hands have touched it. So it's time you stop doing this habit plus gnawing on pens is not good for your teeth. 

#2 Flushing the toilet while the lid is open

9 Germ-Spreading Habits You Should Stop Doing Right Now flushing the toilet

According to a study, when you flush while leaving the lid up, you are exposing yourself to a lot of bacteria. This is because when you flush, the dirty toilet contents such as water and all gets tossed around, sending a spray into the air. This can contaminate the bathroom surfaces, your hands and even your stuff like toothbrush and all. Well there you go, the lid is there for a reason and you should use it! 

#3 Eating at your desk

how to prevent germs from spreading stop eating at your desk

Your keyboard is most likely home to a lot of harmful germs, especially if you don't clean it regularly. So if you eat your food on your desk, you're exposing yourself to the possibility of eating those germs together with your favorite meal.

#4 Blowing out candles on your birthday cake

how to prevent germs from spreading at home blowing off candles

You might want to re-think about this common tradition. Here's what happens every time you blow out your birthday candles: you release bacteria from your mouth and goes to where? to the cake's surface. Well, there's just a slim chance of getting sick from doing this but still it's not good to hear -- especially one study showed that blowing out candles can increase the amount of bacteria on the cake's surface by 1.4K percent.

#5 Making your kitchen sponge do double duty

how to prevent germs from spreading at home making the sponge do the double duty

Kitchen sponge is already one of the dirtiest things in the kitchen. It's a home to harmful bacteria like e. coli, and Salmonella. Now imagine, on top of washing dishes, you still use it to clean your sink! Well, you're just making things worse. You're transferring all those germs from your sink to your dishes and eventually to the food. You better stop this habit!

#6 Letting hair accumulate in your hairbrush

9 Germ-Spreading Habits You Should Stop Doing Right Now Letting hair accumulate in your hairbrush

When you let hair to accumulate in your brush, oils from your skin, dead skin cells and other sticky deposits will build up too. Now imagine, all of this and the germs they carry, get transferred back to you again as you comb your hair. Gross, right? So it's best for you to clean your brush every time you're done using it.  

#7 Not disinfecting children’s toys

how to prevent germs from spreading at home not disinfecting the kids' toys

Anyone who looks after little ones should make sure to disinfect the kids' toys once a week or depends how often they played with it. This is to ensure germs will not be spreading from one kid to another. Especially that kids still have underdeveloped immune systems making them prone to illnesses. You don't want your precious little ones to get ill right?

#8 Eating at the beach

stop the spread of germs eating at the beach

According to a study, beach sand is a home to a lot of bacteria some of which can even spread pathogens. So try to wash your hands with soap and water (not the ocean water) before you enjoy your beach meal or at least pack some hand sanitizer.  

#9 Putting your bag on the floor

how to prevent the spread of viruses putting your bag on the ground

Same with how you make sure the inside of your bag is clean, the exterior of your bag needs to be cleaned too. Don't just plop it on the ground or else your bag will probably be home to lots of germs. Don't forget to clean the handles too as germs tend to accumulate their due to constant exposure to your hands.

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