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Blue Diamond Ceramic 11" Grill Genie Review - Does It Live Up to its Promise?

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“Grilling is ruined in the rain. Food burns and falls apart. Indoor grilling is an impossible mess. Now enjoy barbecue flavor all year long with a Blue Diamond Grill Genie cooking system with nonstick grill and steaming lid,” the commercial says.

What makes the pan an interesting choice is that it can provide the sear marks of an outdoor grill along with the convenience of a steaming lid that, according to the pan’s commercial, ensures even cooking.

In this review, I will help you understand how the grill genie pan works, how much it costs and its return policy, as well as how it compares to grilling pans you can find on Amazon.



Blue Diamond Grill Genie Features 

There are several features of the pan that influence the way it cooks. 

Sleek Blue Color and Design
True to its name, each Blue Diamond Grill Genie pan comes in an attractive shade of dark blue that will look good in most kitchens. The lid that comes with each is not blue but transparent, so you'll be able to see your food as you cook it in this pan.

Scratch and Splatter-Resistant
When you put the included lid on this pan, it'll become splatter-resistant since the lid will halt potential splatters in their tracks. Each pan also has a scratch-resistant inner coating, which means that you'll be able to use metal utensils to move food into or out of it without worrying about causing damage. The tongs that you'll get with each pan are coated in silicone, though, making them just a bit softer than metal utensils while still being able to effectively transfer food.

Diamond-Infused Ceramic Nonstick Coating

Aside from being infused with diamonds, making each one five times harder and 10 times more durable than the coatings found in standard grilling pans, each pan's inner coating is of the non-stick variety. That means you won't have to engage in vigorous scrubbing to get stubborn substances like sauces and melted cheese off your pan when you're done cooking your food. Instead, you'll be able to wipe these substances off with a damp cloth (with no soap added, only water) in seconds.

Pronounced Grill Lines
The inner coating of every Blue Diamond Grill Genie pan contains pronounced grill lines, which will not only make your grilled food better-looking but also cause fat to drip off of it. More specifically, as the grill lines are imprinted on your food, extra fat and grease will drip between them and off the food. As a result, you won't end up ingesting this fat or grease in the form of extra calories.

Free of Toxic Chemicals
This grilling pan and its lid are both free of toxic chemical compounds that are sometimes still found in cookware today, such as PFOA, other PFAs, cadmium, and lead.


Grill Indoors
If you don't have a grilling pan like this one, you might decide to stand outside in the rain and grill meat, vegetables or fish outside on your barbecue. Fortunately, once you have obtained one of these pans, you'll be able to cook food that tastes like it's been made on the barbecue without subjecting yourself to bad weather like rain or chilly temperatures. Furthermore, due to this pan's size, you'll be able to rinse it off much more quickly than you'd be able to scrape off a barbecue grill.

Can Clean in Dishwasher
After you've rinsed off your Blue Diamond Grill Genie pan, if you've got a dishwasher, you'll be able to clean both the pan and its lid in there. Even if you don't have a dishwasher and have to wash this cookware with soap and water, its non-stick inner coating will make any dirt fall off quite rapidly without much scrubbing action.

Digital Recipe Guide Included
With each Blue Diamond Grill Genie system, you'll have the opportunity to download a digital recipe guide to your computer. In this guide, you'll find a bunch of recipes that you can use the cookware that makes up this system to create. You may have your own ideas when it comes to what you want to cook in your pan, but if you're bored with your usual dishes, the guide may provide you with some inspiration.


Pan Is Not Deep Enough
The pan included within this grilling system is a decent size, but one drawback is that it's not square and looks to be only about an inch and a half deep. It's common knowledge these days that square-shaped pans, especially ones with a lot of depth, can hold a bit more food than round ones of about the same size do. If you normally cook for large groups of people, you might be disappointed that only a round pan is available as part of this particular grilling system.

No Printed Recipe Guide
Some users will be satisfied with downloading the Blue Diamond Grill Genie recipe guide onto their computer, tablet or smartphone. Other users of this cookware system, however, such as seniors, might prefer receiving a copy of the recipe guide that's already been printed in paperback form. It doesn't appear as if this option is available—if you want a printed copy of the guide, you'll likely have to use your own resources to print it yourself. 

Price and Return Policy

One of the unique characteristics of As Seen on TV items is that they usually throw in free perks when you buy something or they give you better pricing the more you buy.

The grill genie pan costs $39.99 and shipped free. You also received a free pair of silicone tongs with the pan as well as a free digital cookbook. More about it HERE. 


Overall I'd rate it 8/10. I'm glad that I was able to grill indoor and still achieved that good grill flavor with this pan. I believe this pan’s greatest strength is that it can withstand oven temperatures of up to 850 degrees (most pans can hold up to 450 degrees only) and that you can use metal utensils on it. I used it in the oven too but was not filmed. This is a good feature for those who like to sear off meat in the pan and then cook it in the oven and for those who seem to never have plastic spatulas clean when they’re cooking on a non-stick surface. 

The downside to this, in my opinion, is the price tag. Overall it's more expensive than other popular brands I know BUT given the features the pan has, I think it's worth the price! You can visit this page to try it out yourself and see if it satisfies you or not.

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