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Here's the Best Stir Fry Cooking Tips, According To A Stir Fry Guru!

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If you want to master this seasonally-focused, healthy, quick cooking style, learn these stir fry basics that I learned from following a stir fry guru - Grace Young.

“What the hell do I make for dinner on a Wednesday night?” What dish should I make - something quick to prepare? Stir fry would most likely be your answer to that! Learning how to do the stir fry cooking method will save you time when you want something quick for dinner. What’s more! It’s easy and highly customisable - you can have chicken stir fry, beef stir fry or stir fry of any vegetables you want.

3 Core Principles For A Perfect Stir Fry

Now there are 3 essentials to a good stir fry - super hot wok, quick cooking, and super fresh ingredients. Sticking to these three core principles makes a big difference between a mediocre stir fry and a perfect one.

#1 Wok should be HOT

Turn on your stove -- the higher the heat, the better! It’s ideal to use a 14-inch wok for this. One trick to see if it’s hot enough is to start flicking water into the pan after about 30 seconds of heating it. When you see that water evaporates after about 1-2 seconds estimate, the wok is ready for stir-frying. One reminder though is to not overheat the wok.

#2 Quick Cooking - Should Pay Attention

Stir frying involves quick cooking so you need to pay attention when you’re doing it. If you’re still new to stir frying, it helps if you set a timer to make sure you don’t cook too slow or too fast. This cooking method requires your focus in watching the texture and color of the ingredients so you know when they’re ready to be pulled off the heat.

#3 Go for Fresh Ingredients

It’s super important to use fresh ingredients. The texture and the flavor of ingredients will make a big difference when you do stir fry.

There are also some other little tips that the stir fry guru mentioned. They may not be as important as the three ones above BUT by following these tips your entire stir fry cooking process will be smoother, quicker, and will definitely have tastier results. Here are some of her favorite tips.

7 More Stir Fry Tips (I’d say it’s the best)

Avoid overfilling the wok: 

Overfilling the wok affects the flavor of your stir fry so it’s not recommended. This is the ideal ratio -- For meat stir fry, have 1 pound of pork or ¾ pound of chicken or beef and 2 cups of vegetables. For vegetable stir fry - have 8 to 12 cups of leafy vegetables and 4 cups of hard ones.

Don’t have to marinate the meat that long: 
Tossing the meat with a little seasoning is good enough. In fact, it’s a good trick for a flavorful stir-fry. 

Keep the vegetables dry: 
It’s important to use dry vegetables when stir frying. Otherwise, the vegetables will steam when added in the pan and will lose its texture. You can use the salad spinner or kitchen towel to dry the vegetables.
    Use spoon to peel ginger and use your hand to mince it: 
    Spoon won’t take off too much ginger flesh and by using hand to mince the ginger keeps it from being too pulpy.
      Stir frying is the same as tumbling motion: 
      Stir frying in a tumbling motion makes sure every piece of ingredients gets cooked quickly and evenly.
        Add a little sauce to the pan: 
        Be sure when you pour the sauce, don’t pour it in the middle. It’s not recommended since it will bring down the temperature too much. 

        AND THAT’S IT! One last word of stir frying advice - pay attention! It happens so quickly that you really need to pay attention to it until it’s done.

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