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Here's What 100-Year-Olds Eat To Live Beyond Their Years

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Interested in the secrets for longevity? here we give you what the 100-year-olds usually do or eat to live longer and feel younger. 

They avoid hams, bacons, almost all deli meat

Here's What 100-Year-Olds Eat To Live Beyond Their Years avoid deli meat

Fanny Brown, 103, avoids prepackaged deli meat. Occasionally she orders from a deli, but mostly orders the chicken salad sandwich on raisin bread. Then at home, she enjoys egg salad, peanut butter and jelly, or leftover turkey or chicken on her sandwich. Eating deli meat like ham or bacon could pose a risk for your health as they are deemed as carcinogens. A look at the 800 studies done for past years, indicated that eating about 50 grams of deli meat can increase your risk of colon cancer.

They prefer homemade food

Here's What 100-Year-Olds Eat To Live Beyond Their Years homemade food

Processed foods that are offered mostly in fast food chains are high in sodium. Too much salt in your body makes it absorb more water raising your blood pressure and putting a burden on your heart. But cooking foods at home without all the preservatives could help you cut down. Ann Davis, 107, likes rice, stovetop grits, and oatmeal over instant ones.

They opt for a bit of sweets here and then to satisfy their cravings 

what to eat to live to 100 chocolates

Marion Roth, 108 says she eats light sweets like dark chocolate in between dinner and lunch but she skips the heavy ones like puddings, pies and all. A small piece of chocolate can help you satisfy your sweet cravings without going overboard with huge servings of cakes. Research has also found out that dark chocolate can help reduce your risk of heart failure and it also lowers your stress levels.

They have high fiber diet

how to live longer and healthier high fiber diet

Eleanor Eder, 101 has a high fiber diet. She makes sure she eats bran cereal, broccoli, spinach, and as much vegetables as she can. This helps to keep her bowel movement healthy. Plus having a high fiber diet can reduce your blood pressure and reduce your risk of any inflammation.

They drink coffee

how to live longer and younger coffee drinker

Matilda Viduya, 100, always starts her morning with half a cup of coffee. Studies have shown that drinking coffee can help reduce your risk of depression, Parkinson's, stroke and more, so if you feel like craving for coffee then have a cup of it.


They love applesauce

what to eat to live to 100 applesauce

Anna brown, 103, is making sure she eats applesauce three times a day, Cooking apples makes it release a type of soluble fiber called pectin which helps lower bad cholesterol. 

They rarely drink

tips to live longer red wine

They don't drink that much but on rare occasions, they drink a glass of red wine. Research shows that red wine can help prevent formation of cancer cells and Alzheimer's disease. 


They fit in protein

longevity food list protein

Davis, 103, always make sure that he has a bit of protein in his breakfast. Whether its from eggs, cheese, or meat. Making sure that you have protein early in the morning will keep you satisfied through out the day. What's more? protein helps in cell repair. You will need protein as you age.


They don’t overdo it on carbs

what to eat to live to 100 cut back on carbohydrates

Most of them cut back on carbs and opt for potatoes instead of bread in one meal. Carbohydrates can lead to high blood sugar and eventually diabetes. So limit your carbohydrates intake while you're still young.


They don't eat too much

centenarian eating habits they don't eat too much

Rachel and David, 104, 106 said they don't eat too much throughout the day and only eat small amounts. They tend to stick to a slice of bread, meat, fruit, and oatmeal for breakfast and soup for lunch. They make sure they don't push their stomach into overdoing anything. As a rule, you should stop eating when you think you're 80% full.


They use onions for flavor

foods to eat to live longer onions

Daisy, 100, likes to have onions in her salad and other baked foods. Onions are a rich source of vitamin C and other immunity boosters. On top of that, studies suggest onions can stabilize your blood sugar and helps lower your risk of cancer.

They don’t go overboard with fats

Here's What 100-Year-Olds Eat To Live Beyond Their Years don't go overboard with fats

Kelly, 101, says she never uses gravy and instead opt for butter for their mashed potatoes. Recent studies have shown that saturated fats found in butter, might not be as harmful to your heart as once thought, so enjoy foods with saturated fats moderation.


They follow doctor’s orders

how to live longer and younger follow doctors advise

When doctor told Marion, 109, that vitamin B3 could help her weak leg, she makes it to the point of eating banana every day even though she doesn't like it. Vitamin B3 can also lower your risk of having clogged arteries and heart attack. 

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