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Is Your Kid A Picky Eater? Here's How You Can Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food in 6 Tips!

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It is difficult isn’t it? To sit down at the dinner table after hours of labouring only for kids to make a fuss about how they would rather eat fast food than actual home cooked healthy food. That is when the realisation kicks in, that you need to find ways to encourage healthy eating habits in your kids.

The high volume of unhealthy food that is available in grocery stores these days is insane. Obesity is a major problem, and one your kids can develop if they don’t have the right eating habits. If you are someone, who has learnt the hard way the importance of having a nutritious and healthy diet and want your kids to do the same then look no further.

This is a short guide on how to develop healthy eating habits in your kids and ensure that they stay away from junk and fast food.

#1 Avoid forcing

The more you force something, the more your kid is likely to rebel. Instead take a subtle approach and stock items in your home that are healthy and nutritious, that way when your kid is hungry he will only have healthy options to choose from!

#2 Take it step by step

Any big change, especially one in that is related to nutrition should not be done all at once. Start by introducing a healthy option in each meal then slowly start reducing the amount of food you think is not healthy. This will ease the transition for your kid.

#3 Find creative wholesome recipes 

Look for creative ways to make a healthy recipe seem appealing. Entice your kids and talk about how delicious the meal is and enjoy it as you eat it. You can find a variety of health conscious cooking channels on YouTube to help you in creating such recipes.

Below are some of the creative healthy recipes you might wanna try. My kids loved it. What's more! I was able to get them to eat healthy. 

Broccoli de Fruta Jelly Cake: If you want your kid to eat  broccoli without them knowing, you might want to try this...because who doesn't love a jelly cake?


Broccoli Frozen Yogurt with Choco Sprinkles: This is one of my kids' favorites since he loves anything with yogurt and then the chocolate sprinkle did the trick! haha! Good to try too.


Fresh Spring Rolls: This was the first recipe I did and it surprised me that my kids loved it. First time getting them to eat spinach so I patted my back for a job well done! These Fresh Spring Rolls are super easy and healthy and it's not only for kids, it's perfect for a fresh and light lunch, dinner or appetizer. Served with peanut sauce!


Spinach Muffins: Seeing that they loved the spinach wraps, I upped my game and turned the super healthy spinach to muffin. These spinach muffins have the perfect amount of sweetness and an appealing bright green color but no intense spinach flavor! Perfect to hide that veggie.

 More soon!.. Now unto the next tip.

#4 Meal Prep

This is a holy grail for working moms. If you are one of them and don’t have a lot of time to cook a healthy meal after coming home then do meal prep beforehand. This will save you the cost of buying expensive organic meals just to make sure your family eats healthy food. You can even do ingredient prep beforehand and then make a warm easy meal for kids in no time when it is dinner hour.

#5 Teach your kids to be mindful when it comes to food

This is a practice that needs to be incorporated in kids from a young age. They should know how to associate what they eat, with how it makes them feel. Ask them to name those feelings. If your kid consumes too much sugar, he will become hyper and you need to make sure he understands that and then maybe put him on a time out. This will ensure the consumption of more healthy foods in the future.

#6 Make breakfast count 

Food is fuel for the body. Before starting the day it is important to make sure that your body gets the right fuel to function throughout the day. Serve a wholesome and nutritious breakfast; this will help with your kids being energised the whole day and consuming less junk. Your child’s nutrition should be your first priority so you need to make sure they get their nutrients at the start of the day.

This was just a short guide, and you need to see what works well for your family. Whatever you do, start small and then work your way up. If you are looking for organic and environmentally friendly sources of food, it is a good idea to visit your nearest farmers market. These markets have very low competition and you will find the freshest and high quality vegetables and fruits that you can incorporate in your next meal. We hope you found this post helpful, if the answer is yes then do share it with other moms to help them too! If you have any tips or tricks to encourage healthy eating habits in your kids which we missed out on then please feel free to share!

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