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Storing eggs in this part of the fridge could put your health at risk!

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how long can eggs be safely stored in a refrigerator

Storing your eggs in the fridge is just about as American as baseball and apple pie. It's a really common and safe practice..right? We'll you're wrong! You need to know -- depending on where you place the eggs, it could be harming your health, an expert reveals. 

There's a huge debate when it comes to storing eggs, some says it should be put in the counter while majority says it should be in the fridge. Well you can store the eggs in the fridge as long as you DON'T store it in the built-in or separated plastic egg rack that comes with the fridge.

Now what about it, why this rule? Well, placing the eggs in the door exposes them to fluctuating temperatures as you open and close the fridge. This will make them rot faster and can bring about health problems for you later on. It will be best for you to store the eggs in the shelf or part of the fridge where temperatures will remain constant.

There you have it! 

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