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The 5 Probiotic Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For Your Gut

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Research has found out that gut microbiome has a big impact to our health so we have to grow as much of this as we can. Now here's when these probiotic foods come into play! If you think yogurt is your best option, then think again.

Green bananas

probiotic food for the gut Green bananas

Most people don't really like green bananas, and are instead choosing to eat the ripe ones. If you're one of those, then you should know that Green bananas are actually a rich source of probiotics. This and coupled with the vitamins, minerals, and both soluble and insoluble fiber these bananas have it provides you a feast for good gut bacteria helping you protect your bones, and your most precious heart.


probiotic foods vegan kimchi for gut

Kimchi is a tasty korean dish and a health superstar as well, why? It's made by fermenting vegetables using probiotic lactic acid bacteria, which gives the same boosting effect of healthy bacteria as that of yogurt. Plus it's a rich source of a mega dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber since it's made up of healthy spices like peppers and garlic, and vegetables like cabbage and bok choy. On top of that, it helps you avoid obesity, constipation, cancer, and even provides anti-aging benefits. 


Cold potatoes

gut friendly foods cold potatoes good for the gut

Cold potatoes, those who are cooked, and then cooled, are surprisingly one of the rich sources of probiotics in the form of -- resistant starch. This indigestible carbohydrate acts like food for gut bacteria, encouraging the growth of these good bacteria. Resistant starch as a lot of benefits and one of it is its ability to increase our insulin sensitivity thus reducing our risk to have diabetes.


gut health and bacteria garlic probiotic food

Garlic is also a powerful gut bacteria booster! It's the most favorite spice of the world second to salt and widely used in each of our homes. Its a rich source of probiotics especially when eaten raw! but if you don't like its after taste or its odor, don't worry cooked garlic works as well. Eating it is a good way to prevent gastrointestinal related diseases.


gut friendly foods chocolate

Can't believe it? yeah it's true! Chocolate is a good source of probiotics. Now you can add this to your grocery list. Why is it a good source? it's because sweets helps encourage growth of good gut bacteria. Research has found that combining probiotics and chocolate magnified the health benefits of both. The chocolate makes sure the gut bacteria reaches our small intestine and in turn the bacteria makes sure we properly digest the chocolate, extracting from the chocolate all the antioxidants and micronutrients. 

What do you think of the foods above? Leave your comments below!

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