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What it’s like to Live On Ketogenic Diet Plan

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Living on ketogenic diet plan (keto diet) might seem hard, yet it's actually simple and it can give you results. What you need to do is change your mentality, talk to your physician, discipline yourself and watch as you lose that extra weight.

How ketogenic diet works?

As i said, it’s simple: The plan involves following a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate diet. I tried it out since I needed to lose that extra fat, and i had started transitioning to a low carb diet. Ketogenic diet was the only diet who can help me reach my goal.

According to nutritionists, the keto diet forces your body to get rid of fat instead of carbohydrates. As you go through the carbohydrate-restricted diet, you deplete glycogen stores from your muscles. The effect is that your body is compelled to convert extra fat to glucose to supply energy for your muscles.

Is Ketogenic Diet Safe? How?

There are issues, but there's also some success stories regarding the ketogenic diet. Naturally for any new diet program, you need to talk to your physician. In my case, I got myself a coach to help me get started with this diet. However, everyone's body is unique. I had a pal who started the keto diet plan to lose weight, however they discovered that her cholesterol level ended up being high while having the keto diet.  I don’t want it to happen to me too so I consulted a naturopathic physician. She informed me that ketogenic diet plans have been utilized as a treatment for people with epilepsy. Most patients were safe except that some people with genetic disorders have experienced side effects ranging from minimal ones like change in bowel movements, dizziness to more severe ones like kidney problems, increased cholesterol level, and liver issues. Also recent study suggests that keto diet is not for athletes. So in your case, ask a health expert first before trying keto diet.

Be prepared for a condition called “keto flu”

When jumping in to the keto diet program fad, I had in no way heard about the "keto flu" until I experienced it. The condition called 'keto flu' is usually characterized by head pain, nausea, upset stomach, lack of psychological clearness, sleepiness, and fatigue--all which can be due to avoiding sugars or carbohydrates. Your body operates by using carbohydrates. Eventually, the liver will convert extra fat into carbohydrates by way of a process known as gluconeogenesis. The goal of this process would be to avoid hypoglycemia--low blood sugar levels.

Carbohydrates serve as fuel for our body. Eventually, the liver organ will convert extra fat into carbohydrates by way of a process known as gluconeogenesis. The goal of this process would be to avoid hypoglycemia--low blood sugar levels. That is basically what keto flu is. You will have hypoglycemia for a little while, which is not fun for everyone.

For me, I only had intense nausea for consecutive days. Most doctors recommend having electrolyte drinks. As for me, water is good enough and I just kept on reminding myself that this too will pass.

How to start a ketogenic diet?

Having someone to have the same diet with you helps a lot. Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone with me who is also having the keto diet so I had to double up my willpower to stick to the plan. I found that preparing keto-friendly foods beforehand, especially when you’re on a rush, helps me to stick to this diet. Just a little advice, if you’re on this diet don’t buy a lot of keto diet snacks -- almonds, pumpkin seeds etc. You’ll notice that you feel full most of the time while on this high fat diet so you won’t crave snacks.

My Everyday Life On The Ketogenic Diet

Being able to stick to this diet for a few days now, everything became easier. I wasn’t hungry most of the time, my cravings stopped and the best part, the keto flu is gone.

Here’s what I usually have while sticking to keto diet.

Breakfast: black coffee, and Cauliflower toast topped with cheese and avocado.

Lunch: I go for Green salad with either shredded chicken, grilled shrimp, or salmon, and cheese.

Dinner: I usually have shredded chicken or cheeseburger paired with zucchini pasta with parmesan cheese. Sometimes I make keto pancakes with bacon.

As long as I have lots of water, sticking to the plan wasn’t difficult. By the way most of the keto recipes I got it from pinterest.

Monitoring your calorie intake

In keto diet, one thing you need to do to be more effective in your weight-loss goals is monitor your calorie intake. For the first four days, I aimed at cutting 30% of calories as I want to lose weight fast. However if you want this to be long term, my health coach recommends cutting 10% to 20% from your calorie intake for sustainability. How much calories you cut depends on how much you can tolerate and your goals.

Dropping the Pounds, and Keeping them off

So you dropped some weight, now it’s time to keep them off forever. Maintaining your desired weight can be tricky, but I’ve found that progress really requires food tracking. One app that I find really helpful in tracking my daily food intake is Lose It App. Checking this app from time to time gives me an idea of how many grams of protein, carbohydrate, and fat I’m eating everyday. It also helps me to stay focused. There’s an app that’s called keto calculator, it’s highly recommended; helps you to determine how much you should be eating everyday based on your goal.

Living With Keto Diet Plan: Making It A Part Of My Life For Long Term

I lost one pant-size in my second week of sticking to this diet plan and to be honest I’m blown away by the results. I feel amazing now -- no more bloating and I feel like I have more energy than before. I’m working on sticking to this diet for long term until I hit my weight loss goal and reach a maintenance level.

One take to take note is that most people find it difficult to stick to a keto diet in the long run. One advice I can give is try to do a modified version like increasing your carbohydrate intake and incorporating intermittent fasting to keep on track.

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