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Who We Are

We love home cooking and eating fresh foods but there’s one thing we don’t want -- food waste! We believed that it’s not enough for us to prepare healthier, tastier home cooked meals; we should also have an impact to our society by reducing food waste...and...that’s why we created Stick and Ladle.

What do we do?

Here in Stick and Ladle, we want to be able to promote healthy home cooking and at the same time raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste. Food waste is a growing concern worldwide; with billions worth of food being thrown away while there are many people suffering from hunger. Here, we want to show you that it’s possible to transform any excess ingredients and leftover food to nutritious, delectable meal you will enjoy. Here, we will teach you how to plan ahead for a healthy meal that’s just enough for you and your family. And here, we will teach you how to store foods longer and grow them your own too. Everything you want to know about healthy home cooking and reducing food waste you will find it here with inputs from chefs, culinary school graduates, moms, and some of the nutrition experts we are connected with.

We wanna give back!

As much as possible we want to give back to society so right now, we are in the process of choosing the best organization to match our goal. Once we selected the best non profit organization to partner with, we will feature them here and we will be donating some of our earnings to them.

Stick and Ladle Community

Everything we do is to help people to appreciate home cooked foods and be mindful of the food waste they may have, and that's why we believe in sharing more than just products and blogs. We are building a community for healthy-zero-waste cooking right now through our expert content, cooking focused groups and more events.

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Let’s always try our best to cook meals at home and minimize food waste as much as possible! This will ultimately benefit you and the environment too.